Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Al Williamson Artist Edition HC Marvel IDW 2016

Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Al Williamson Artist Edition HC Marvel IDW 2016

Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Al Williamson Artist Edition HC Marvel IDW 2016    Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Al Williamson Artist Edition HC Marvel IDW 2016

AL WILLIAMSON STAR WARS EMPIRE STRIKES BACK ARTIST ED HC. (W) Archie Goodwin (A/CA) Al Williamson. Al Williamson's career is crammed full of amazing accomplishments: star artist for the EC Comics line while barely in his twenties, drawing the definitive comic-book version of Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon, producing the X-9: Secret Agent Corrigan comic Strip for 10 years, plus many more! Williamson's classic run on Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is legendary among fans of classic comic art.
His heroic adventure style was perfectly suited for the Star Wars franchise-so much so that Williamson was George Lucas' first choice for the Star Wars newspaper comic strip (which he would later go on to draw). This incredible Artist's Edition collects all of Williamson's Empire work, as well as selected pages from Return of the Jedi and other Star Wars pages by this renowned artist. The Force is strong in this book, don't you dare miss it! WELCOME TO THE INSTITUTE FOR HOMELESS COMIC BOOKS.

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  • Main Character: Star Wars
  • Genre: Science Fiction
  • Publisher: IDW
  • Format: Giant HC
  • Series: Star Wars
  • Publication Date: 2016

Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Al Williamson Artist Edition HC Marvel IDW 2016    Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Al Williamson Artist Edition HC Marvel IDW 2016